C. Ronald Garner

Stargate Productions

P.O. Box 3237 Huntington Beach Calif. 92647




C. Ronald Garner

Organizer – Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – Washington D.C. Press Club April 29 to May 4, 2013

Executive Co-Producer of a forthcoming film based the book Alien Interview

Producer / Writer –  Stargate Productions since 1994

Real Estate Broker – Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills Calif.

Mortgage  Banker – Coast Savings and Loan – Orange County Calif.

Film Technician for 20th Century Fox – Deluxe Laboratories – Consolidate Films and MGM Company

Co-Owner Roswell UFO Enigma Museum (presently in storage)  Roswell New Mexico

Investigative Journalist  – Official Videographer/Photographer for Society for Scientific Exploration Princeton N.J.

Documentary Film Maker:  “What Really Happened on 911″

“Indictment” expose of Oklahoma City Bombing

Over 100 various video production

UFO/ Paranormal  Researcher for over 30 year

Author: “UFO Disclosure Is Here Now America” & “Whistle Blowers Area 51” (In production E Books

Talk Show Producer; “Threshold”  KIEV  870 AM – L.A.  &  “Need to Know Radio” KTLK 1150 A

L.A.  Line Producer TV Show “The Other Side”

Actor (as expert of Area 51) in Oren Peli’s  (Director of very the successful feature series  “Paranormal Activity”) new feature film called “Area 51” now in post production with Paramount Studios

Producer Six part series “UFO/ET The Hidden Truth”

  1. chook says:

    Hi Guys,
    Keep up the good work, I have been following this whole phenomena for about 10 years now, and have just read ” Alien Interview” a lot of stuff falls into place, but there is obviously a massive amount of information of ‘what the truth is’ and ‘what is/has happened’ its not something that can be explained in a couple of minutes.
    I am wondering what the current status is? I notice not a lot of current information since about 2009, and Dan Burish has gone quiet too? I am guessing because the military controlling powers got themselves into a complete mess with the original treaties with the Aliens, mainly because they choose the wrong Aliens to deal with. Then now they are working with another group who hopefully can restore some hope & truth to humanity.
    Also I notice you have nothing on your site about the “Dulce Wars” I have read a fair bit about it. Did this actually happen, and is it true we have massive underground operations involving the original alien/human aliance?
    Cheers and keep up the good work
    Shane Allen
    New Zealand

    • gamer13 says:

      Hi do you mind if i could interview about your insight with Aliens? im writing a paper and i feel you could be one to answer a majority of my questions.

  2. Stiv says:

    Yeah I’ve read the Alien interview too and it would be good to know if this account is accurate. It sounds convincing but appears to conflict with other accounts that say a live ET designated EBE1 survived one of the two crashes near the general Roswell area/district and went on to live a number of years but the “Doll body” IsBe in Ms Macelroy’s account appears to have left this mortal coil within days. Were there two beings or is one account disinfo?

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